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It is my pleasure to bring you reading experiences that goes beyond traditional and popular viewpoints, and with a thorough assessment from the soul’s realm that is deeper than you may have ever read or heard, or did not necessarily associate to the soul.


America Grow UP – 2015 Campaign

It is past time America grew up, and there is no better time to start than 2015 to become an inseparable nation, and a model to the world exemplifying the power of cooperation. America’s ability to come together is unquestionable even among it’s political divide. By coming together, America can be...


It Is Past Time Americans Grow Up

It is past time Americans, grow up and stop referring to humans in terms of colors, such as black, white, yellow or red. Now we have all heard young children refer to other children as peach or brown in their efforts to differentiate one child from the next. This behavior...

Mind Your Self-Acceptance


There are times in life when we will receive a barrage of thumbs down grenades one after the other.  When this happens it makes us stop and question our self-worth, who we are, purpose and even sometimes reason to live.  Oh yes, it happens and it happens to the best...

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Evil Knows No Name, age, Color or Creed

With all the talk in the news these days regarding unarmed “black” males being shot and killed by law enforcers, resulting in some folks protesting, debating, looting, stealing, ransacking, destroying properties; and others contemplating retaliation.  Then there are others who are sincerely seeking answers on how to rid the evil...