ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games
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ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games

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Surviving the adult world is very challenging. Without a healthy emotional foundation, our interactions with each other are very child-like in nature and we fail to communicate our true needs, desires, or to obtain and sustain our goals. We ultimately crash into each other like two cars driving on the wrong side of the road, then we are left pondering on what went wrong or if we are not good enough. The goal of ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games is to provide helpful insight and details about barriers and dilemmas that prevent us from maximizing our true potential in this life or aligning and bonding with compatible partners.

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Author: Cynthia D. Moore
Publisher: Inner Harmony Books
Edition: 2nd Edition (November 24, 2014)
Paperback: 156 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0978996127
ISBN-13: 978-0978996123

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“This is a really good guide for those who struggle over failed relationship issues and are now ready to take the journey to heal deep wounds. It will also bring them to a place where they can do an honest appraisal of things that can be done differently in order to get the results they are seeking.” – The INDIEgator Magazine

From the Author

Thanks to my children, relatives, friends and colleagues, who donated their time to listen, read and provide comments for the ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games book. I am also very grateful to my children who gave their honest feedback on my interaction as a parent with them which ultimately contributed to their adult lives. I especially would like to thank two of my long term friends and colleagues, Nurse Helena Thomas and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) Darlene Gibbs, for their objective feedback, encouragement and support throughout the first edition of this book. Their combined feedback provided me the courage needed to develop and complete this second edition. Finally, thanks to my mother and father, who always promoted by worth and cheered my endeavors.

From the Back Cover

Are you constantly asking yourself if something is wrong with you after unsuccessful relationships? Better yet, do others keep suggesting that something is wrong with you just because you do not have a mate? Well, think that no more! At last, a no holds barred down-to-earth Relationship Book that is full of real life scenarios and valuable self-awareness feedback that will help us get to the root of misaligned love and irreconcilable differences. ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games, in conjunction with the included workbook, offers a simple explanation on how to align and bond with others who are compatible to us in all areas of our life.

About the Author

Texas Author Cynthia D. Moore has written multiple books including ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games (2006, 2014), Soul Say Yes (2014) and Disaster Among Us (2015). She holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has worked with various populations in the mental health field to include: private practice, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient clinics and utilization management. Cynthia is very passionate about writing books and articles that will uplift the world around her. Traveling and sharing her messages and life lessons through other Media outlets and Public Speaking arrangements is also something she continues to explore. She currently resides in the Houston area near her daughter who owns a small media network and also has three sons across the country including Air Force Veterans, a Music Producer and an Industrial Engineer.

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