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Before we get started, the two books Soul Say Yes and ABCs of Relationships: Emotional Survival Games compliment this article. They lay a foundation that will help you differentiate your life path from others’ and they show you how to align yourself with the right partner who is supportive along your journey and vice versa.  Secondly, I would like to emphasize that neither this post nor any of my writings are “just blogs”. These are all spiritual teachings created to help you along your journey in living out your spiritual birthright; know that no one can deny you, but you.

Vision Board VIHaving said that, travelling along my journey I see a trend among women in many walks of life, both on and off television, constantly trying to get a man to succumb to their relationship vision board.  You know the one from that socialized tree of love full of expectations about how a relationship should go; where the manVision VII must sweep a woman off her feet, rescue her from her current life, whether that is from being financially broken or seducing her to get away from an alleged abusive relationship, or the grips of a wicked husband and taking her to the promise land of a better life. 

When her man does not go along with the plan, she begins to batter and slay him with insultsVision XIV. Now this may be done subtly, aggressively, or in an indirect manner with personal attacks thrown at his character. Sometimes the insults go as far as challenging his integrity, intelligence and even sexuality all because he is not responding to her vision as she sees fit.  Relationship vision boards as I see it today, have become one big soap opera.

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Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia is a licensed Professional Counselor who has worked in various mental health levels of care to include private practice, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient clinics and utilization management. She is the Author of "Soul Say Yes" and "ABC’s of Relationships".