America Grow UP – 2015 Campaign

It is past time America grew up, and there is no better time to start than 2015 to become an inseparable nation, and a model to the world exemplifying the power of cooperation. America’s ability to come together is unquestionable even among it’s political divide. By coming together, America can be greater as it’s people are very smart, creative and resourceful, unlike most others in the world.

To get started, I’m going to give you the first lesson on ABCs of America grow up.  I will keep it simple with three objectives-Acknowledgement, Beneficial and Contribution of all people.

A)   Acknowledgement,  Advancement and Attitude  Adjustment of all people-  no more separation of people into color, or class categories.  We are in this thing altogether for the Advancement of all people. So yes, an attitude adjustment is required from all of us.  No one gets to skip this line.
Objective: You will acknowledge all people with greetings-hello, hi, how are you, good morning, afternoon and so on.  It is pretty simple  and open doors for those talks to start that so many of you have asked what can we do about the racial divide in America. Doing this act alone will change attitudes and decrease the divide between all people.  I am not naive, neither do I think this simple greeting alone will eliminate the racial divide, in fact some folks will not return the greetings; but that is the point, that America change, one person at a time.
Objective:  You will also communicate or identify events or issues concerning others’ behaviors without reference made towards skin tones or class.  I know this will be a hard habit for the majority of people to break, but I have great confidence in Americans’ ability to function at this level of maturity. 
B)   Beneficial Interactions with all people by Living your 2015 existence edifying all people, not just your inner circle.
Objective: living your existence in 2015 practicing  behaviors that will edify others in your interactions with them.  Again, I know this is not an easy task to break old habits of opposing each other for so long; but I have great confidence that Americans can pull this off in 2015 as this is in the best interest of our common goal to change the world’s view of advancing together. Tip-off:  you may find confidence in your ability to meet your own goals by doing so.
C)   Community Contribution -Making a creative contribution towards influencing others in your community to promote, and impact the advancement of your local community.

Objective: Coordinate a get together to create ideas on how to improve relations in your community alone.  Reach out to those in your community within the radius of the combined numbers of your home address or of P.O. Box, plus one.  If it is 555 then your radius is 16 miles. why? because this will help you to think outside of yourself. You must use your talents and gifts to promote the advancement of all people in your community.  Could be as simple as a community talent show, beautiful yard acknowledgement, birthday party for the month, or dance.   Tip-off:  you may feel less threaten by folks in your community. Besides, everyone likes a party of some sort.

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Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia is a licensed Professional Counselor who has worked in various mental health levels of care to include private practice, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient clinics and utilization management. She is the Author of "Soul Say Yes" and "ABC’s of Relationships".