It Is Past Time Americans Grow Up

It is past time Americans, grow up and stop referring to humans in terms of colors, such as black, white, yellow or red.

Now we have all heard young children refer to other children as peach or brown in their efforts to differentiate one child from the next. This behavior is normal and part of child development as they are learning about the world around them and that there are other humans with different skin tones; however, as an adult, this behavior is nothing more than elementary in its nature, arrogant and obnoxious; because, they already know the world is made up of folks with different skin tones and from other continents. It is also rude and despicable to continue in such thinking, because we all know that differentiating skin color in terms of humans is a clear reference of good, bad, better or worse.

Therefore, how is it that in a country that reference themselves with great intelligence continue to allow any reference of one group of humans as a color but the rest by continents such as Asians, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, African and so on.

You may say, well that is what folks want to be call or how they refer to themselves. No, I never voted on that and you never asked my individualized opinion on the matter, but now you have it.

It is equally perplexing to wonder the effects of message been sent by police violence to those who receive mental health services; or better yet our veterans of war who may have mental health issues and may equally be considered at risk for their safety in this country due to stigmatized connotations associated with the alleged lesser color human. Therefore suggesting that one group of folks are lesser because of skin color, put those that may have disabilities as well as good citizens who actually follow the law at risk of the very laws they pay taxes for safety in their community.

For example, in issue dealing with mental health, a police officer is revered if he shoots an individual with mental health issues; but in dealing with similar volatile situation, mental health workers are expected to use their intelligence to deescalate the event versus weapons so as to avoid anyone getting hurt.  Please be mindful that there are mental health workers who have lost their lives in the line of duty; so should mental health workers carry a gun as well to protect themselves as well.  One is held above the law and the other below, you know that law of exaltation where one human is better than the next; or could it be as simple as differences in training of the two professions.   One thing I admire about Harris County, Texas law enforcement is that they used their intelligence and showed good faith efforts to eliminate harm and killing defenseless mental health citizens by joining  with the local mental health community and putting licensed professionals on duty with police officers.

Also, in all of American police history, I have not heard of a woman police officer been the perpetrator of such human indignity of killing a defenseless citizen. Now I am not saying  that those who practice illegal behaviors should not be  held accountable because they are defenseless; but is violence the only intelligence to policing citizens.

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Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia is a licensed Professional Counselor who has worked in various mental health levels of care to include private practice, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient clinics and utilization management. She is the Author of "Soul Say Yes" and "ABC’s of Relationships".