Friday June 5, 2015 the McKinney, Texas police department finds itself in the news for an Officer’s over use of force on a young teenager in the community.  As usual, the debate is split between racism and police violence.  In this case the debate highlights a policeman mishandling a young girl, the conduct of a bunch of teen’s behavior and if an Officer felt threatened enough to pull his gun on a teen boy; while in the background the initial call for the police goes completely unnoticed and reported.

In the meantime, some folks who live in the neighborhood are trying to give clarity to the matter for those of us who were not there.

Nowadays this type of media event is routine in the news. Just as I think a lesson has been learned  from the last event, another one is lurking around the corner just waiting to be exposed and racism is on the agenda again.

The neighbors want to make it clear for those of us who were not there, that this event was not about racism. They say this was about a few thugs who were brought into the neighborhood by the carload, spoiled a community event  by fighting with each other, jumping over fences into a private pool, harassing and damaging property and not leaving when requested to do so. We hear you loud and clear and that message did not go unnoticed. I definitely empathize with you after having to move to higher tax area due to the police not responding to a previous neighborhood where I once resided due to so many of the same type of calls to prevent property damage by youth. However at the end of the day, I am compelled to pose the questions to not only the neighbors but to the Officer,

  • Did you get the results that you intended when all was said and done?
  • Were you expecting the Police Officer to resign when the call was placed to protect your property?
  • Did the Officer expect to resign when he responded to the call?

It is pretty safe to say the answer to this is “No.”  Then whether you agree or not, emotional vulnerabilities at its best was concealed behind the Officer’s uniform and other options were available but not used.  Meaning just as he said, his emotions got the best of him, which is the point of this article, not racism.  He forgot to use rule number one when providing public service and that is self-preservation.  Here is what I mean.

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Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia is a licensed Professional Counselor who has worked in various mental health levels of care to include private practice, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient clinics and utilization management. She is the Author of "Soul Say Yes" and "ABC’s of Relationships".