The Evolved Strong Man

Over the years, from the common man to politicians, clergymen, professionals, wealthy, church going to none church going men, they have all managed to gain a reputation that ascribes to:

  • the  biggest dog in the hen pen
  • the man
  • A man is going to do what a man is going to do (referring to a healthy appetite for sex with many women).

They have earned this reputation from some of their brethren who have walked with a swag of bragging and boasting about their sexual triumphs with many women, and others who were caught in the deed while married or in relationships.  Their chronicle of conquests is so trendy, that in today’s time many women have bowed down and said “Yes, a man is going to be a man,” and actually agreed to a pass for their man to sleep with another woman.  All of this is based on the concept that a woman is made for the man.  I also agree that the woman is made for the man, but as a companion because he felt alone in the midst of the garden as he observed other creatures made by God were paired off.

As a mother of three sons and a sister of four brothers, it is very sad to hear such characterizations of  men and to know that their biggest challenge is proving their manhood.

As a Therapist, I can hardly avoid thinking of the echoes of emptiness they must feel as they compete against each other to keep their beds filled with women to prove they are men.

The next reputation they have acquired is related to their responsibilities as husbands and fathers.  They are either judged as “Deadbeat Dads” or praised as  “Heroes” for taking care of their children.  When husbands shower their mates with flowers and gifts, they are considered “Mr. Wonderful”.  If not, they are left defending their innocence regarding their integrity in the relationship.

In spite of the aforementioned reputations, I have met a few, and I do mean a few men who I consider as strong men.

There was something very unique and powerful about their presence.  So after sitting back and thinking about it, I realized that there are seven powerful characteristics which I admire about a man that make him stand out from other men, and worthy as a Strong Man.

           Admiration One – The strong man walks with his higher power, God.

His walk is different from other men and with a swag of integrity versus cockiness and self-importance.  He strides with confidence, as if he knows who he is and the maker of his unique design.  He clearly understands that he was not an accident, nor did he roll up from clay but was uniquely made from the earth with the hands of his God.

He acknowledges his limitations but reveres his God’s mighty abilities, beyond human possibilities, to include hanging the moon and stars in the sky and calling the morning to come forth.  Therefore, he is humbled to his maker of all things and respects his instructions.  All of his decisions are based on instructions from his Lord.  Because he is aware of the many tricks of his Lord’s enemy, The Strong Man is loyal and faithful to resist going into the enemy’s camp.  He knows the enemy lay in wait to distract him from the Lord’s mission and would trick him with the lollipops of this world so he can steal, kill and destroy his soul, just to get back at his Lord.

          Admiration Two – The strong man understands his purpose and role in God’s mission.

He understand that he is to bring a message of hope beyond this world and not to judge other humans, no matter what height, size, skin complexion and social or spiritual status.  He knows that judgment of any sort belongs to the Lord and not to any man, no matter their role or title in society.  He understand that his Lord’s enemy uses a judgmental stance to divide souls so they will feel alone, miserable and think God has abandoned and prefers others over them.  He understands that God has designed all humans in a unique manner with their own fingerprints for his will and purpose.  Accordingly, he will not use his title or social status to judge other humans by differentiating and criticizing them.

         Admiration Three – The integrity and relationship with his Lord.

This is his most important relationship and he does not bow down to interactions that go against his Lord’s will.  He knows that his Lord’s enemy, Lucifer, once had a relationship with God but their relationship was broken due to his own undoing and now with no redemption. He knows his integrity is the most important characteristic in his relationship with his Lord in order to maintain his redemption. Therefore, he knows that all of his steps have been ordered by his Lord so he walks by a different set of values than the biggest dog in the hen pen concept.  The Strong Man also knows that his Lord loves him so much that he designed a mate specifically for him, not just for pleasure but as a soul and helpmate to carry out their Lord’s mission and not their own.  He knows his mate must walk with the Lord as well.

         Admiration Four – He upholds and actually lives his God’s principles.

He does not engage in debates, knowing that his God can hold his own and will not fail to honor his word.  He knows he is there to support his God’s mission and not to be God, also, he does not exalt himself above God’s message to the world as he knows his Lord’s enemy has already made that mistake with no redemption.  Isaiah – 14th chapter verses  12-16-How are thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning, how are thou cut down to the ground“… and Luke 10th chapter verse 18 where Jesus said he – “…beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

         Admiration Five – He knows that with his Lord, all things are possible.

Any challenge he encounters is part of his Lord’s plan and designed for his work.

         Admiration Six – His Internal Peace.

He knows wealth does not bring internal peace but is temporary and a convenience in this life.  So he measures success by his integrity in the relationship with his Lord, which gives him internal peace in a world that is good and evil.

          Seventh and Final Admiration – the strong man knows he is not perfect.

In spite of his imperfection he  strives for perfection anyway, with a knowing that his earthly journey is not about how swift, strong, rich or poor he is, but about following the heart of his Lord. He knows that any other philosophy such as “A man is going to do what a man does,” is not of the Lord’s way, but a man that is weak to his flesh, lost, confused, practicing evil ways of his Lord’s enemy and not walking in hope beyond this world.


The Evolved Strong Man, from the Desk of Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia

Ms. Cynthia is a licensed Professional Counselor who has worked in various mental health levels of care to include private practice, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient clinics and utilization management. She is the Author of "Soul Say Yes" and "ABC’s of Relationships".

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